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People of Merydyan

We’ve been told, “YOU’RE different”

…because we take a more personal approach in everything we do.

Dedicated & Supportive

My family… there is never a dull moment with this crew!

At my core, I always want to do well by others. I work hard to ensure that all promises are fulfilled and that I always put my best foot forward. It’s important to me that our clients know the direction of Merydyan will always be to support those who have put their trust in us.”

Dennis Sheldon, President/CEO/Founder of Merydyan

Attentive & Responsive


My family…I’m a Wisconsin Badger and Green Bay Packer girl born and raised!

“I pride myself on being attentive and responsive to all our Client Partner’s request for information.   Anyone who knows me, knows I appreciate it when those considering our services will ask me questions and discuss concerns.  It demonstrates to me  due diligence of the vendor selection, proposal negotiation, contract negotiation and ongoing vendor management process.  I want to ensure everyone feels they are being heard, understood and we are demonstrating follow through, at all times!”

Debbie Chase, Vice President of Client Development & Relations

Listening & Understanding

On the weekends…you can find me doing something in the Wisconsin outdoors!

“I enjoy developing solutions that allow our client partners to achieve higher efficiency in their day to day busy work schedules.  This is what drives me to do what it takes to create the best user experience possible.   I welcome input from all our client partners and take pride in listening and understanding what our client partners want our solutions to do for them and develop it.”

Adam Yocius, Director of User Experience

Helping & Trustworthy

My Fiancé (soon to be wife)…She is the one I can depend on at anytime.


“I value the work I do as representing my best efforts and what is best for our clients.  Helping others is my strong suit as they can trust and rely on me.”

Chase Tousey, Technical Services Manager

Watch for more of our team’s personal commitment messages to you.

From our client partner facing team and those providing you personalized support behind the scenes at Merydyan, we want you to know we are “each personally” committed to your success.