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Only purchase and license the Paperless Workflow Processes you need to run your business. 

No more purchasing modules.

We provide an Enterprise Site License, Unlimited Users and Unlimited Use.

Establish profiles and securely issue users, to maximize features and functionality of Paperless Workflows across departments, enterprises and multi-locations.  

Components required at initial install.

These enable all Paperless Workflows to be created.

System Administration – PRYMEcore

Permissions, settings, help, etc.

Digital Capture & Printing – RYMEprinter 

Capture URL search results and store within an individual or vendor’s profile folder.

Documents & Folders – PRYMEdocuments

Folder structure and document storage for uploaded and stored digital documents, videos, etc.

Digital Forms & Checklists –  PRYMEforms

Creation and editing of applications, forms, and checklists.

Merge Documents – PRYMEmergedocs

Tool used for combining various sources of data and presenting it.

Reports – PRYMEreports

Wizard driven reporting provides canned reports, allows for edit existing or design your own.

Automated Notifications – PRYMEautomations 

Automations are created and used to notify internal and external individuals of various actions or events.

People & Status


Manage a person and multiple statuses associated with them.

Logging & Events


Identification, classification and recording of occurrences or events.

Software & Hardware


Managing all aspects of assets, work orders, moves, etc.

Motions & Voting


Business management for all PRYME Paperless Workflow Solutions. 

External Portal Access

PRYMEemploy Portal

Access for individual pre-hires used to complete pre-hire requirements.

PRYMEapplicant Portal

Individual to complete licensing or registration requirements.

PRYMEvendor Portal

Vendor to complete licensing or registration requirements.

PRYMEmember Portal

Allow access for members to access individual data.

3rd Party Integrations

We provide options for creating meaningful integrations to provide expanded data collection, searching of data, alert notifications, test lab data, self-service kiosks and so much more:

            • Identification Document Authentication

            •  AML/KYC

            • Fraud detection

            • External and Internal List Searching

            • Background Screening

            • Facial Recognition

            • People Mapping

            • Test Lab Data

            • Time Clocks

            • Digital Signatures

            • CDI Access to Supplier and Test Lab Data

            • Kiosks

            • and more…

All PRYME Paperless Workflow Solutions are driven by our clients

Merydyan Steering Board Members and Advisory Board 


Contracts & Policies Management

PRYMEcontracts & policies 

Management of all workflows for the generation of a specific contract, policy, procedure through the redlining to mutual execution process.

Incidents & Reporting


Identification, classification, and reporting of all occurrences or events.

Access & Badging


Visitor access, registration and licensing for verifying access, creating credentials and management.

Lost & Found


Recording and declaration of personal property.

Screening & Due Diligence


Due diligence of individuals and vendors. 3rd party integrations with screening companies.

Lookup & Verification


Allow access for external sources to lookup registrations and licenses securely.

 Registration & Licensing


Reviewing of all investigative findings and determining suitability.

Approvals & Shipments


Communication or the notifications, compliance and delivery of assets.

Regulations & Procedures


Repository for approved policies, regulations, ordinances, etc.

Observations & Checklists


Recording of observations and validating them against risk levels assigned. Automate findings and responses.

Recruiting & Skills


Internal and external job posting, jobs and applications.

Lifecycle & Retention


Employee lifecycle management – drawings, evaluations, leave of absence, medical, and referrals.

Forecasting & Scheduling


Employee’s date, time and role scheduler.

Time & Attendance


Repository of date, time, role and history for payroll generation.

Schedule & Track Training


Assignment, scheduling, and management of course work.

Fees & Collections


Management of fees related to individuals and vendors.

Vendor Management


Management of vendor from procurement through implementation.