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Partnership with leading edge ID validation, list searching and facial recognition company

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Partnership with leading edge ID validation, list searching and facial recognition company

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PRYME’s Workflow Ecosystem Selects Acuant to Deliver Identity Verification Systems.

Merydyan is pleased to announce its partnership with Acuant, a leading global provider of identity verification solutions. With this integration, PRYME workflow software is utilizing Acuant’s identity verification, compliance and digital identity engine. Merydyan is a Wisconsin based LLC, created in 2013, powered by the PRYME ecosystem, a complete workflow solution of paperless software services with four key management categories: People, Activities, Assets and Business.

Achieve results with PRYME. Providing businesses with the ability to develop/create any full circle workflow: paperless, web-based and private cloud hosted. All software is installed initially, no more purchasing of additional modules to get the latest and greatest – license what features you need, when you need them.   

Merydyan chose to partner with Acuant because they are a proven leader in identity verification. Acuant securely builds, analyzes, and verifies digital identities, associating an individual’s known associations providing access to over 30 third-party data sources via one API – all in real time. Additionally, Acuant provides identity document and biometric authentication with liveness tests to truly verify if the person transacting is who they say they are. A perfect match for PRYME workflows to enable complete, seamless workflows.

“Merydyan’s top priority is our clients’ success, and Acuant understands our needs for secure automation, with the ability to scale. They listened and delivered a product that exceeded our expectations and met our customer needs. With this partnership any commercial or tribal gaming entity, sports wagering / igaming companies can utilize PRYME with Acuant to conduct instant watchlist searching for terrorists, money launderers for AML/KYC, fraud protection purposes to authenticate an ID – this includes facial recognition match.” said Debra Chase-Mosley, the COO/Vice President of Client Development at Merydyan.  Acuant’s cutting edge technology will be incorporated to close the loop on workflows with identity validation, list searching, facial recognition, and overall KYC/AML compliance requirements.

Together PRYME with Acuant helps your business gain efficiencies and accountability through complete paperless workflow processes.  Securely share information across your organization and with your vendors, employees, and clients. Eliminate disparate systems and consolidate with the PRYME ecosystem, save money and become more profitable.

To discuss your business requirements for the adoption of PRYME, with Acuant identity verification or for more information about the PRYME ecosystem, visit www.merydyan.com. You can also connect with Merydyan on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.