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About Us

one vendor, one database, tribal government, gaming, hospitality, retail, regulation, suppliers

Our clients are replacing disparate software applications that provide pieces of functions across their enterprises with PRYME, a complete workflow solution of paperless software services.

One vendor, providing multiple workflows. Share need to know data across your businesses.

Our business strategy is simple

Think Different.  Be Different.

Our PRYME Ecosystem of Paperless Workflow Solution is scalable.  Whether a single department or an enterprise with multiple locations and users. 

We have gaming solutions, as well as solutions for government agencies, regulation, compliance AML/KYC and hospitality.  

We provide an Enterprise Site License, which allow you to assign Unlimited User licenses.  In addition to Unlimited Use of the PRYME Ecosystem of Paperless Workflow Solution.  All software is installed initially, no more purchasing of additional modules to get the latest and greatest.

We ensure, by our actions, that our focus is 100% Client Retention and we demonstrate our ability to scale and grow with them.

All software is installed initially, no more purchasing of additional modules to get the latest and greatest.

  1. We issue an Enterprise License for Unlimited Users to access our Software Services.
  2.  Assigned User Roles, Permissions and Privileges are established based upon location, department, defined access controls, etc.
  3.  It is not uncommon for several departments to have access to the same Software Services and but require the information for completely different reasons.
  4. BOTTOM LINE – We encourage our clients to use our Software Services!
  1. We encourage use of our software and provide AN ENTERPRISE LICENSE with UNLIMITED USERS.
  2. Design, Develop and Sell optimized paperless software – NOT OFF THE SHELF.
  3. Provide quarterly software updates to enhance your software experience.
  4. Our business is guided by our 12 Client Driven Steering Board – we stay abreast of trends.
  5. Provide six (6) months of designated support for the adoption of going paperless.
  1. Our passion for providing our “Personal Touch Customer Service” equally to all our clients truly sets us apart from other paperless companies.
  2. We employ US based support industry professionals who know your business.
  3. EVERY client is provided the same Service Level Agreement, providing 24/7/365 for Urgent issue support after hours by our knowledgeable US based support team.
  4. Our lead software architect is Dennis Sheldon, our Founder/Owner and CEO.
  5. Our client development and relations is lead by Debbie Chase-Mosley, Owner & COO Our dedicated team members are located in Wisconsin, Nevada and California.
  1.  Established, up to date and active Software in Escrow, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plans.
  2.  Software placed in escrow, in the event of business discontinuation.
  3.  Merydyan provides, as an added service to allow clients to be named as a beneficiary, allowing clients to be provided Software Services source code to maintain their day to day business continuity.
  4.  Merydyan has named individuals and a well established software development company to assist each client to bridge any maintenance of software development services until client can establish their own resources.
  1. We carry all the required business insurances, to include Cyber Security.
  2. Professional and Technical Services teams are Criminal Justice Information Systems (CJIS) Certified.
  3. Our Cyber Security & Network Engineer is Certified in CISSP, PCI QSA, PCIP and oversees all Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery and client inquires about data security efforts.
  4. Private Cloud for Hosting Services 24/7/365 DEDICATED DATA SECURITY.
  1.  Our Professional and Technical Services team members have all worked within the tribal government, casino or regulatory agencies.
  2.  When implementing our Software Services, we consult with you, learn your paper processes today, where you want to be tomorrow and then configure your one-of-a-kind user experiences.
  3.  We’ve become incredibly efficient in our consulting and implementing our Software Services because no matter the size of the business, casino or regulatory agency opportunity, our internal processes and project plans have been designed for us to scale and repeat our processes.
  4. Our goal is to ensure your success!
  1. Day to day use of one Paperless Software Solution creates greater efficiency across your enterprises, departments and agencies.
  2. Year after year maintenance costs are significantly reduced by using one Paperless Software Solution across your enterprises.
  3. Ease of use for the team members, as well as the applicants will be noticed when adopting integrated Software Services, allowing IT staff to efficiently manage and support your businesses.
  4. Enterprise Paperless Software Solutions vs off the shelf software packages will allow for software to be responsive to your business needs, not you responding to a pre-packaged software.
  5. We don’t like to get nickel and dimed so we do not do this to our clients.
  6. We provide all implementation and training costs for Professional Services we are allocating in the initial costs.
  7. Annually, we provide a generous amount of pre-paid Professional Services our clients may use at their discretion.

Your trust and confidence is everything to us

Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity, Cyber Security, Private Cloud and CJIS Security Policy

While some suppliers are not withstanding this new normal, Merydyan assures our clients that we are strong.

We carry and maintain all required business and cyber security insurances. As part of our Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plans, we’ve enrolled our software services with an escrow services provider. A high degree of vigilance and preparation is to ensure, if there were an event or occurrence resulting in Merydyan’s business disruption, we’d name our clients as a beneficiary to receive our software source code, allowing them to maintain their day to day business use of our software services. We’ve named a software development company familiar with our source code and documentation to bridge any unforeseen business continuation requirement during the transition.

Since our beginning in 2013, we’ve been successful in keeping our client’s data secure. Our certified internal cyber security engineer oversees data security compliance for our clients overall. ISCorp, our Private Cloud Hosting Services partner, provides 24/7/365 dedicated data security and turnkey Managed Services for our hosted clients.

Merydyan understand and complies with all CJIS Security Policy requirements and audits.  Our team are required to comply with the level 4 CJIS training and will demonstrate via certification of completion their compliance.