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Ongoing Knowledged-based Services

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Our Private Cloud Hosting Partner and Merydyan’s Professional and Technical Services teams provide on-going Managed Services to support specific business requirements of our clients based upon their unique day to day operations and their ability to maximize use of our Ecosystem of Paperless Software Solutions.

Providing Ongoing Knowledge-based Managed Services  are ensuring you are supported from the information technology infrastructure through the user experience.

Private Cloud Hosting Partner ISCorp’s Managed Services

  1. Managed Computer Infrastructure: Provide the Installation, configuration, and management of the required hardware, virtual infrastructure, and storage environment.
  2. Managed OS: Provide and manage (apply patches and updates) the Operating Systems and any other required infrastructure related Software App(s).
  3. Managed Network: Provide and manage the network infrastructure necessary to host the Software App(s).
  4. Managed Security: Provide and manage security layers (Network Intrusion Detection (NIDS), External vulnerability scans with CISSP review (CISSPs on staff).
  5. Managed Host Intrusion Detection: (HIDS), DDOS Protection, Penetration testing, System hardening).
  6. Managed Systems Monitoring: Establishment and ongoing Systems Monitoring and Alerting (Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), System Log Collection/Monitoring, Assigned Support Team).
  7. Managed Backups: Provide fully managed backups (retention schedules, off-sites, etc.).
  8. Regulatory and Compliance Oversight: ISCorp follows industry best practices to protect customer information in ISCorp’s data centers. ISCorp’s information security standards and policies are based on the ISO-27002:2013 International Standards Organization (ISO) policy framework. ISCorp operations and security practices are audited annually by 3rd party auditors as part of ISCorp SSAE18 audit.

System Administration

The utilization and system administration duties for our Ecosystem of Paperless Software Solutions across various business enterprises, such as casinos, regulatory agencies and tribal governments, requires a separation of the granular permissions and privilege rights enabled and supported within the software. In some cases, the actual system administration of the software from a neutral party has proven to provide a greater piece of mind for the establishing of user roles, profiles, permissions and updates to various confidential internal data within the software services. Merydyan acts as the dedicated system administrator in these scenarios.

Specialized Knowledge-based Services

While our software services have been developed to be user friendly, intuitive and very easily supported by our clients, we do offer ongoing knowledge-based services that system administrators or super users may want to retain Merydyan’s Professional or Technical Service team members to carry out.