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Team Merydyan

Dedication & Supportive

My family… there is never a dull moment with this crew!

“At my core, I always want to do well by others. I work hard to ensure that all promises are fulfilled and that I always put my best foot forward. It’s important to me that our clients know the direction of Merydyan will always be to support those who have put their trust in us.”

Dennis Sheldon, President/CEO/Founder of Merydyan

Helping & Trustworthy

My wife, two sons and me…She is the one I can depend on at any time and our sons bring so much joy to our lives.

“I value the work I do as representing my best efforts and what is best for our clients. Helping others is my strong suit as they can trust and rely on me. As a member of the Menominee Tribe of Wisconsin, and my work history working within the tribal casino IT, I understand the challenges of a fast paced operation.”

Chase Tousey, Technical & Professional Services Specialist II

Hardworking & Dedicated

A man and his truck

“I was born and raised in Central California in a small town where I can trace my roots to the early 1850’s. I come from a family that values hard work, dedication, and loyalty and that is what I will bring to our customers. Having been in the tribal gaming industry for almost 10 years, I have learned that things change fast and that you need to be able to adapt quickly, I think this is something that I have excelled at and has allowed me to advance in the industry. This has helped me quickly respond to any client needs and give them the best service possible.”

Andrew Bryce, Implementation Specialist

Approachable & Passionate

My husband and son put the fun in fun lovin’. If im not hanging out, or fishing with my guys, you can find me baking, or crafting.

“Born and raised in native Hawaii, I bring the passion the islands are known for to my work. My years of experience on the client side gives me an in depth look at the perspective of our clients, helping them with any challenges that come up.”

Rose Simmons, Implementation Specialist

Responsive & Helpful

“Through my previous work in customer service, I have developed good troubleshooting and support methods that I hope to use to make people’s lives easier. In school, my focus has been programming with computer science, and with my support skills I hope I can create easy-to-use and efficient software.”

Jack Halm, Intern – Software Engineer



Merydyan Technologies LLC found its inception in 2005, while president/CEO Dennis Sheldon worked as an IT Director at a Wisconsin tribal casino. Dennis identified that various departments within the casino struggled with inferior software systems. Systems that were not integrated, no way to track progress, lost accountability and paying/working with multiple vendors. Dennis, having earned a degree in Computer Science, embarked on designing and developing the first of its kind in gaming, an all-encompassing enterprise software for all workflows in human resources, payroll, security, and surveillance departments.​

Dennis  formed, Merydyan  a Wisconsin based LLC in 2013, designing and developing PRYME™, a complete workflow ecosystem of Paperless Software Solution. In 2014, with the adoption from a client, the  design and development of digital backgrounds and  registration / licensing systems was created.  The entire PRYME Software Services was written to be cloud, web-based.   Things progressed with the launch into tribal gaming regulatory markets in April 2017, which  expanded our PRYME Software Services offerings and crossed over the traditional departmental access – ​allowing users to be assigned access specific to job role/s.

​Debbie Chase-Mosley, partner/COO joined  Merydyan in 2017, to lead the client development and client relations.  Bringing her passion for delivering a personal touch approach via every interaction, including sales  and ongoing client support. 

2022 marked  Merydyan entering the commercial gaming market with providing our PRYME Ecosystem of Workflow Solutions and Support to a 30 property commercial gaming operator. 

Each Team Merydyan  member are the backbone of our business and bring a wealth of industry experience to our clients. 

We look forward to working with you!  


  • Tribal Government
  • Tribal Gaming
  • Commercial Gaming
  • Gaming Supplier
  • Gaming Regulation
  • Cyber Security
  • Software Design
  • Software Development
  • Project & Project Mgmt.
  • Information Technology

Dedicated & Adventurous

New adventures have led my family and I to Central Texas where we are getting settled into the land of God first, cowboy boots, big trucks and BBQ. While I do miss the great outdoors of Southern Nevada, I’m enjoying getting to know my surroundings. There is a new adventure around every corner! 

“Over the course of my career in the gaming industry, I have learned to be creative. Regardless, of how impossible the task might be, I possess the drive to see the task to fruition. Thinking outside the box is my personal superpower.”

Andrea McCurry, Professional Services Specialist

Listen & Committed

California, my bike and me

“Listening, supporting, and commitment are key values I have. Working with the Merydyan team allows me to think outside the box to provide better support not just for the team but the entire Merydyan client base. The last two exciting decades I was fortunate to provide IT support and management within Tribal Gaming. I hope to bring these great experiences to Merydyan.

Mike Cummings, Technical & Professional Services Manager

Innovation & Commitment

At Miller Park ready for a baseball game

“I always try to find new ideas and innovation. I am very customer oriented and great customer service has always been a focus of mine. I bring years of experience in software development and a commitment to customers.”

Kurt Nelezen, Sr. Software Engineer

Attentive & Responsive

My husband and 3 grandkids…I’m a Wisconsin Badger and Green Bay Packer girl born and raised!

“I pride myself on being attentive and responsive to all our Client Partner’s request for information.   Anyone who knows me, knows I appreciate it when those considering our services will ask me questions and discuss concerns.  It demonstrates to me due diligence of the vendor selection, proposal negotiation, contract negotiation and ongoing vendor management process.  I want to ensure everyone feels they are being heard, understood and we are demonstrating follow through, at all times!”

Debbie Chase-Mosley, COO/Owner & Partner

Committed & Honest

Levis Stadium 2022 – Go Niners!

“Always up for a new challenge! I enjoy helping our clients evolve into the paperless world, advocating on their behalf to help improve workflows and the overall client experience. As an enrolled member of the Tule River Tribe in California I have had opportunity to work at our Tribal Gaming Enterprise on both the operations and regulatory team. My experience and knowledge has helped me better assist/recommend  best practices within our PRYME Enterprise Software and Service Solutions to our existing and potential clients. As my boss always says, “Work smarter not harder” We’re here to help!

Thomas Eugene, Sr. Professional Services Engineer

Loyal & Determined

A photo of me in my natural habitat 

“A perfectionist at heart, I don’t stop working until I can be proud of what I’ve done. I’m always eager to learn new technologies to help me tackle obstacles and improve efficiency. Working as a computer science tutor made me realize how much I enjoy helping others to understand and achieve their goals.”

Jason Hoffman, Intern – Software Engineer


Thorough & Care

Along the Wiouwash Trail in Oshkosh, WI where I try to bike whenever possible during the summer

“I’ve spent the last several years working at the UW Oshkosh IT Help Desk while also working towards my bachelor’s degree in computer science. Working in customer service has taught me the importance of being adaptable to a wind range of clients and the specific needs they may have. I hope to apply the skills I have gained during those years to my internship while at Merydyan.”

Teagan Protheroe, Software Engineer