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Software Solutions configured based upon each user’s access and business requirements.

Asset Management  ♦  Audit  ♦  Backgrounds  ♦  Compliance  ♦  Employee Lifecycle Management  ♦  Employee Scheduling  ♦  Enforcement  ♦  Inspections  ♦  Investigations  ♦  Licensing  ♦  Meetings & Motions Manager  ♦  Security  ♦  Surveillance  ♦  Time & Attendance  ♦  Tribal Enrollment

Our approach is simple.

Provide an Enterprise License for Unlimited User accounts to be established and access our Ecosystem of Paperless Software Services. 

We encourage the issuance of user accounts across your enterprise, businesses and departments.  We create engaging user experiences for employees, applicants and vendors accessing the Software Services and web portals.

First and foremost, we encourage you to use our Software Services and don’t nickel and dime for doing it either!


Transaction Fees


Enterprise License for Unlimited Users


Years in business with 100% Client Retention


Regulatory Agencies


Tribal Governments


Gaming Enterprises

What is an Ecosystem of Paperless Software Solutions?

Merydyan is one vendor providing 16 highly configurable, mobile friendly, web-based and 100% paperless software solutions, creating the optimization of each user experience throughout multiple sites and locations of your business. User roles, permissions and privileges are enabled based upon each client’s business requirements. Every geographically different location and department within a gaming, non-gaming or government agency may have various levels of shared access and features. Eliminate silos of information and disparate databases.

As our client’s knowledge and use of our Software Services increases we are commonly asked to enable additional software services. Our clients realize their return on investment, greater efficiencies and improved user experiences across the enterprises by engaging with fewer vendors. Our goal is keeping our client’s user experience current.

We offer value added software integrations, associated hardware and a variety of Managed Services for Private Cloud Hosting of our Software Services and system administration.

Our Ecosystem of Paperless Software eliminates the ongoing sourcing, implementation, training, support and payments made to multiple software applications and vendors you require to manage your businesses.

Purchase Software Services one-time and use across all businesses

Software Services configured for each department's business requirements

Frequently Asked Questions

PRYME software and data stored on your server(s) and utilization of your information technology or PRYME software runs in a secure private cloud hosting environment that utilizes the industry’s latest “security best practices”. By selecting this Software as a Service (SaaS) option, Merydyan and our private secure cloud hosting partner ISCorp will provide unlimited data storage and a disaster recovery plan with a 99.95% uptime guarantee. We handle all aspects of the installation, upgrade and 24/7/365 US based support for you and your applicants.
Yes, the data migration is included as Professional Services for our implementations.
Yes, we encourage the integration of our Client’s preferred software vendors to be accessed within our PRYME software. Merydyan will provide recommendations for our preferred integrated partners upon request.
If the PRYME software is hosted on your server(s), 45 to 60 days from contract execution. Based upon Client and their Information Technology being prepared for the implementation deliverables and identified timelines to include; server(s) purchased and configured, infrastructure is set up and the custom workflow requirements for going paperless can be articulated by the Client to Merydyan’s project manager. If the PRYME software is hosted off premise at ISCorp, our Private Secure Cloud Hosting Facility, 30 to 45 days from contract execution. Providing that the custom workflow requirements for going paperless can be articulated by the Client to Merydyan’s project manager. Merydyan recommends Bo-Co-Pa & Associates to work with Clients on writing procedures and processes for going paperless.
Yes, we have one support plan and that is to provide service and support 24/7/365 to our Clients.
We schedule quarterly releases consisting of three (3) minor and one (1) major annually. There will be occasions as new software services and features are designed, developed, tested and released. We will make our best efforts to make these enhancements available to our Client base for a release, outside of our identified release schedule.