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Scheduling, Time & Attendance

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Scheduling, Time & Attendance

Ecosystem of Paperless Software Solutions provides efficient workflows throughout your enterprise. Embracing the individual portal access for managing scheduling and time related tasks.  Access and manage time, attendance, benefits and payroll anytime, anyplace anywhere via our web-based Ecosystem of Paperless Software Solutions.

Scheduling & Forecasting

  • Privileged users have access to manage schedules of their department team members to ensure proper coverage.
  • Ability to review department work schedule by pay period.
  • Approve leave requests and automatically assign.
  • Forecast scheduling requirements while utilizing historical schedules to make intelligent business decisions. Scheduling & Forecasting

Payroll & Timekeeping

  • Add approved hours to time cards, add time punches, and track breaks/lunches.
  • Calculate real-time hours to verify accuracy of employees time cards.
  • Use pay rules to calculate overtime, shift differentials, holiday pay and more.
  • Ability to print a detailed record of employees time card per pay period.

Benefit Tracking & Employee Portal

  • Use employee portal to submit leave requests for Paid Time Off, Holidays, review current pay period time card or available vacation and sick hours.