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Backgrounds & Licensing

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Backgrounds & Licensing

Workforce Management features may be used with these services to create greater efficiencies between gaming operations and the regulatory body.  All intakes and requests for new or renewal licenses managed through the software services are customized based upon desired workflows, automations and notifications. Web portals are provided for both the applicant and employee experience.  Each will receive notifications and data exchanges between the processing designee(s). Orders through background screeners and investigative research occur seamlessly by using our integrated partners.  TribalTrac records management, or your preferred 3rd party screening provider may be integrated for your convenience.  Process and receive background investigation requests for new applicants, vendors and renewal licensing requirements.  A feature integral to the software services will facilitate online investigative searches by allowing a time efficient and seamless capture of investigative data from any website you are using.  Investigative assignments, determinations, NIGC NOR, messaging and enhanced visual color coding and document imagery for checklists. Custom applications, releases, forms, checklists and merge documents are all client branded.  Vendor web portal designed and configured based upon pre-set permissions for the applicant and/or vendor compliance representative to digitally transfer, manage and view jurisdictional submissions for licensure.  Visitor access and badging are service features for managing entry into secured areas.    Robust reporting and graphical dashboards allow for more informed decisions and measurable outcomes.

 PRYME™ feature rich Software Apps custom designed for the following outcomes;

  • Backgrounds
  • Licensing
  • Enhanced Print Capture
  • Determinations
  • Custom Forms
  • Document Management & Storage
  • Present Data for Printing Badges
  • Brand Web Portals
  • Digitally; sign, approve, transfer, etc. data
  • Reporting & Graphical Dashboards