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Maintain digital record of checklists and audits pursuant to your standard operating procedures and/or regulations. Capture responses from management to facilitate faster turnaround in conducting and completion of audits, with corrective actions within our Ecosystem of Paperless Software Solutions.


  • Ability to record multiple observations in a fast-paced work environment.
  • Manage list of observations in one central location and use status to determine if observation needs further action.
  • Auditors can attach observations to audits and/or audit questions when relevant Observations

Checklists & Findings

  • Upload existing checklists to the software or create checklist from scratch.
  • Ability to manage checklists, edit, delete, copy and reuse checklist in multiple audits created.
  • Add findings and grant privileges to management staff so that they can add responses in the software.

Risk Assessment & Follow Ups

  • Create audits, assign auditors, set completion dates and see real time audit activity.
  • Manage all active/closed audits to ensure compliance within your facility.
  • Set reminders for auditors and management on response due dates and follow-up dates.