• Integrated HR, payroll, and online access:

    everything you'll need for workforce management.

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  • A complete employee management experience

    from application to compensation.

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  • Flawlessly accurate

    time and attendance.

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  • Access important employee information on-time,

    in real time.

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  • Self-service access for employees

    on any web-enabled device.

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  • Solutions for HR

    Solutions for HR

    It's paperless; it's inclusive, flexible, and efficient. Merydyan's HR solutions comprise comprise all employee records management... +

  • Solutions for Finance

    Solutions for Finance

    Flawlessly integrated with Merydyan's HR solutions, PrymeTyme is a fully comprehensive tool for HR and payroll personnel. It carries all the... +

  • Solutions for Gaming Regulators

    Solutions for Gaming Regulators

    Merydyan has two solutions built specifically for tribal gaming. PrymeBackgrounds offers functionality to help guide the employee and... +

“User setup and management is easy to use, as is general system maintenance. The support we receive from Merydyan ensures we keep the system up and running at all times... I would recommend Pryme to other companies.”

Adam Y.  Former Casino IT Director
Northern WI

Empower Your Business with Pryme.

Pryme is the most inclusive, most flexible, most efficient workforce management system available, and aims to be the first of its caliber and scope. Pryme enables managers and supervisory staff to make better, more well-informed decisions. Businesses who adopt Pryme typically experience an ROI within twelve months, and experience an increase in efficiency on day one--despite the Pryme system costing thousands less than the systems it replaces. +

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