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Casey Plummer

Casey Plummer

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Owner and Chief Technology Officer

Merydyan role and responsibilities for the project – Casey joined Merydyan in 2013.  He is the lead architect and developer of the PRYME software solutions product line.  Casey provides the direction and oversight for the custom software workflows, third party integrations with the human resources and backgrounds vendors and potential innovative technology roadmap concepts brought forth from the opportunity.

Experience and expertise

  • Casey attended UW Madison for 5 years, studying Electrical Engineering and Physics.
  • His IT focused career began in 1998 at Berbee, which was a rapidly growing technology firm based in Madison Wisconsin.  Casey’s initial job was technical support for the Network Operations Center, for ISP and datacenter customers, including internal IT support, with special focus on Windows-based systems.  After 9 months was promoted to Systems Engineer on the datacenter team. Became responsible for implementing new projects, and bringing customers onto the Internet for the first time during the Dot-com boom years.  Promoted to Senior Windows Engineer and wrote best practice standards for datacenter Windows server installs as part of Managed Services offering.
  • After 5 years as a system engineer, Casey decided that a more creative focus was needed, and switch career tracks to software development.  Leaving Berbee, and joined Acumium, a small software firm in Madison, WI.   It was here he learned .NET and wrote multiple applications and improvements to existing applications.
    • Developed laboratory test management software for a scientific testing firm.
    • Developed financial analysis software for a banking firm.
  • Returned to Berbee 2006 which later was bought out by CDW, and took on the role of Senior Application Developer on the enterprise systems team. Provided custom development and upgrade projects for Changepoint, which used by the professional service team and was critical to all their business processes.
    • Implemented an internal “Wikipedia” system so that multiple groups within CDW could start their documentation projects. Did a great deal of custom development to improve the user experience, and to support typical office documents?
    • Wrote the Recurring Billing Tool which was used to capture usage data from datacenter services/products, perform billing calculations for customers based on the pricing structure in their various contracts. This software was used for a long-time, over 10 years, and processed over $90 million in revenue.