Workforce Management

Get applicants approved and on the gaming operations floor more quickly and efficiently. The fully integrated software

PRYME Applicant Portal

The Applicant Portal is a service is an alternative for Human Resources or Regulatory agencies to use

PRYME Employee Portal

Private access with the ability to view human resource related; employment, drawings, events and news communications. Portal

PRYME Backgrounds

Manage the background screening process of an applicant for employment, employee and vendor, through to completion. Process

PRYME Time & Attendance

Record and monitor hours worked per pay period by using; authentication biometrics, proximity, barcode and magnetic strips.


Manage individual employee and employee group’s lifecycle events.  Tools that intuitively allow the oversight for; a leave

PRYME Professional Services

Merydyan provides a host of professional services that demonstrate we are here to support you to be

PRYME Documents

Provides the ease of organization, accountability and storage. Assign a personal document, incident report, image, video or


We consult with you via a site survey.  Ask you questions like; what are your existing processes?