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Risk, Investigations & Access

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Risk, Investigations & Access

Incident reporting, activity logging, lost and found, case management and flagging tools are immensely valued when they are used in conjunction with the Workforce Management and Gaming Regulatory software services; collecting and managing of investigative and/or incident information.  All information is centralized and accessible based upon permissions and user rights.  Integrated software services, will be result in maximizing the access points for critical information being collected, reported upon and potentially analyzed later.  If investigative software services are required for efficiencies or researching multiple databases quickly, the features may be added to enhance the user experience and overall informed decision-making process.  Streamline looking through multiple databases for investigative results.  Real-time insights to all actionable activities and incidents. Whether incidents involve a guest or an individual employed by the business and/or licensed by the jurisdiction, attach and/or flag the incident to their individual profile. Seamlessly and accurately track mandated day to day activities and convert them to an incident.  Attach various file formats required as evidence or investigative research such as; photo images, videos, etc.  Visitor access and badging are service features for managing entry into secured areas.

PRYME™ feature rich Software Apps custom designed for the following outcomes;

  • Incident Reporting
  • Activity Logging
  • Investigative tools
  • Checklists
  • Evidence Tracking
  • Determinations
  • Forms & Documents
  • Brand Web Portals
  • Digitally; sign, approve, transfer, etc. data
  • Present Data for Printing Badges
  • Reporting & Graphical Dashboards