Frequently Asked Questions

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My company has needs I don't see addressed on the site. Can you help?

  • There are a lot of features in each package that aren't listed here on the site. We'd love to go more in-depth with you about the system, but a full demo gives you the best look at PrymeSchedule one here.

I need more out of Pryme than what it currently offers. What can you do for me?

  • We'd love to work with you to add features to the system! We offer full customization and flexibility--we want to make sure we deliver the perfect system to meet your needs.

How quickly after we purchase the system will it be fully functional?

  • This depends on the size of the install, but an average install takes about a week. Add a couple days for training and you'll be using it to its fullest abilities--and saving time and money.

I'm concerned about security within the system--how do I know that employee information won't get into the wrong hands?

  • Given the nature of the data you are tasked with storing, security is of the utmost importance. We've designed Pryme with that in mind and from our multi-tiered installation to our granular privilege assignments, we've ensured only authorized personnel see only the data they need. We're confident that our system is as secure or more secure than leading competitors' systems.

How much do the packages cost?

  • Pricing is set on a case by case basis, based on number of employees, number of users, and number of locations. We can say proudly that Pryme packages cost less than our leading competitors, though--and we don't "nickel and dime" our customers.
  • Solutions for HR

    Solutions for HR

    It's paperless; it's inclusive, flexible, and efficient. Merydyan's HR solutions comprise comprise all employee records management... +

  • Solutions for Finance

    Solutions for Finance

    Flawlessly integrated with Merydyan's HR solutions, PrymeTyme is a fully comprehensive tool for HR and payroll personnel. It carries all the... +

  • Solutions for Gaming Regulators

    Solutions for Gaming Regulators

    Merydyan has two solutions built specifically for tribal gaming. PrymeBackgrounds offers functionality to help guide the employee and... +

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