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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    For timely answers to specific questions, please email  My company has needs I don't see addressed on the site. Can you help? There are a lot of features in each package that aren't listed here on the site. We'd love to go more in-depth with you about the...+

  • Solutions for HR

    Solutions for HR

    It's paperless; it's inclusive, flexible, and efficient. Merydyan's HR solutions comprise comprise all employee records management... +

  • Solutions for Finance

    Solutions for Finance

    Flawlessly integrated with Merydyan's HR solutions, PrymeTyme is a fully comprehensive tool for HR and payroll personnel. It carries all the... +

  • Solutions for Gaming Regulators

    Solutions for Gaming Regulators

    Merydyan has two solutions built specifically for tribal gaming. PrymeBackgrounds offers functionality to help guide the employee and... +

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