Open architecture. Customized Workflows. Intuitive.

Merydyan's focus is YOU, your business and your requirements.  Creating efficiencies, determining what "your" definition of a "return on investment" is and how we can address your business needs for today, tomorrow and into the future. 

Our PRYME enterprise service solutions allows YOU our Client Partner to impact and assist us in defining our roadmap, as it relates to our laser focused approach to providing software and professional services to address your PEOPLE and ASSET Management requirements. 

Human Resources, Risk, Information Technology, Compliance and Licensing are the key areas we are addressing your business requirements. 

Our web based software services can truly be utilized in your business as a 100% paperless. Customized graphic dashboards and reporting tools put the most important information in each manager's hands to be quickly referenced, saving time and allowing management and supervisory staff to make better, more well-informed decisions.  In addition to providing a greater level of accountablity for maintaining timelines.

We provide a very generous amount of professional services the first year of the contract and subsequent years, for our Client Partners to use as you need them.  As staffing changes, you may need additional training and as business practices change, you may need additional workflow customizations. 

When you need us...we'll be here! 

PRYME™ enterprise service solutions for today's business problems

PRYMEcore is the backbone of our enterprise service solutions and is the software architecture that allows for custom workflow rules and additional services to be added on by the following departments; Human Resources, Payroll, Finance, Information Technology, Risk, Security, Surveillance, Investigations and Gaming Regulatory. 

Custom workflow rules are written specific for your business!  An open integration architecture, game changing forms designer and multi-functional document storage features are some of the key elements that define Merydyan and our PRYMEcore and PRYMEprofessional services. 

We are continuing to listen to our Client Partners and are expanding our service offerings with new PRYMEmeetings manager and PRYMEinventory & reconcilation being release in the FALL OF 2017.  Our Client Partners are defining our roadmap for today, tomorrow and into the future.

Our branded enterprise software service solutions include; PRYMEcore, PRYMEforms, PRYMEdocuments, PRYMEapplicant portal, PRYMEemployee portal, PRYMEvendor portal, PRYMEhr, PRYMEtyme, PRYMErisk & access, PRYMEbackgrounds and PRYMElicensing. 

All services of which enables small to multi-property and multi-client businesses to better manage their workforce, inventory and regulatory compliance by cutting down on "busy work" in favor of automation. Important information flows freely between those who need it, but security-driven access ensures information is completely secure.

Our paperless file cabinet eliminates clutter and endless paperwork; the system can truly be 100% paperless. PRYME is built for saving time and allowing management and supervisory staff to make better, more well-informed decisions.