• Solutions for HR

    Solutions for HR

    It's paperless; it's inclusive, flexible, and efficient. Merydyan's HR solutions comprise comprise all employee records management functions including a paperless file cabinet and online employment portal. Merydyan's HR solutions are all about saving time for management,...+

  • Solutions for Finance

    Solutions for Finance

    Flawlessly integrated with Merydyan's HR solutions, PrymeTyme is a fully comprehensive tool for HR and payroll personnel. It carries all the features that industry leaders do--with a smaller price tag. Seamless compatibility with leading accounting systems ensures accuracy and accountability;...+

  • Solutions for Gaming Regulators

    Solutions for Gaming Regulators

    Merydyan has two solutions built specifically for tribal gaming. PrymeBackgrounds offers functionality to help guide the employee and vendor background investigation process, while PrymeLicensing is a first-of-its-kind, purpose-built employee and vendor licensing management...+

Pryme is a complete solution for workforce management.

The complete Pryme system is an inclusive, flexible, efficient, all-in-one suite of solutions, built to make life easier for HR, payroll, finance, and gaming regulatory personnel. 

Comprised of six packages (and ever-expanding), Pryme enables mid- to large-sized businesses to better manage their workforce by cutting down on "busy work" in favor of automation. Important information flows freely between those who need it, but security-driven access ensures information is completely secure. Pryme's paperless file cabinet eliminates clutter and endless paperwork; the system can truly be 100% paperless. Pryme is built for saving time and allowing management and supervisory staff to make better, more well-informed decisions.

HR and payroll personnel benefit from having all relevant employee information at their fingertips at their own desk, including time and attendance records. Pryme offers fluid compatibility with most existing financial systems, too, so exporting that information to pay employees is a simple, streamlined process.

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