No more paper file cabinets? Merydyan’s solutions for licensing can eliminate paper


One of the most difficult aspects of managing employee and vendor licensing is dealing with never-ending paper files—on desks, in file cabinets, and often occupying entire rooms. That’s why Merydyan Technologies’ new solutions for licensing and background investigation management offer a truly paperless experience: every part of the licensing process can be managed digitally, from submission of the application to issuing licensing decisions.

Paper is inefficient, slow, and expensive. Worst of all, it’s dangerous—paper files are susceptible to damage in catastrophes like fires and floods, and can easily be misplaced or accidentally destroyed. 

Digital files, on the other hand, can be securely stored in multiple locations, in a fraction of the physical space (for example, the phone in your pocket can hold the equivalent of about 600,000 pages of data).

For an exclusive, first-chance look at PrymeLicensing and PrymeBackgrounds, and the paperless future of employee and vendor licensing management, visit Merydyan Technologies at NTGCR, September 20-22. Click here to schedule a meeting with us--available times are limited.

We think our solutions are game-changers for commissions and regulators, and we’re excited to share them with you.

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